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Redeye Theatre Project 2.1

Redeye Theatre Project (RTP), Pitt's 24-hour play company, will present the first festival of its second season on Saturday, October 7. The festival will start at 8pm in the Henry Heymann Theatre (that's in the basement of the Stephen Foster Memorial in Oakland -- visit our website for more specifics on the location). Suggested donation of $5; the doors open at 7:30pm.

The festival, which will run for about two hours, will be comprised of eight world-premiere 10-15 minute plays written the previous night by undergraduate and graduate students from Pitt and elsewhere (special guest playwrights this time from Tufts and Temple). The plays will have been rehearsed all day Saturday, up until the moment before the doors open. Theatre doesn't get any fresher.

We can't tell you exactly what to expect, because we don't know ourselves. But be prepared for any or all of the following: zany comedy, action and intrigue, a tearjerker or two, loud noises, bright lights, existentialism, actors playing animals, actors playing deities, actors in their underwear, choreographed dances, sword fights, pudding, lovers, vampires, and precipitation. We've had them all before. We could have them again. Along with five new things for every one thing you've seen before.

Please be warned that RTP is not always appropriate for all ages. Don't bring anyone you wouldn't be comfortable bringing to at least a PG-13 movie. Sometimes strong language, sometimes references to substances, sometimes violence. We don't censor ourselves, within reason.

Questions/comments to Cory, Or visit our website,, for more information.

Hope to see you there!

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