Pittsburgh Cacophony Society (pghcacophony) wrote in pgh_culture,
Pittsburgh Cacophony Society


Attention, all new and aspiring member of the Pittsburgh Cacophony Society! This is your opportunity to meet with us, discuss ideas for future gatherings, and sign up for the private email discussion list and other Yahoo! Group features.

Who: You and your fellow culture jammers.

What: Face-to-face meeting.

Where: Beehive, Carson St, South Side.

When: 4:00pm Saturday, January 14, 2006.

Why: Plan and discuss Bunnycon, Dance Party Flash Mob, other ideas.

How: Highly-caffeinated. Wear a Santa hat to be recognized.

Your opinions and participation count! Remember, there are no leaders in cacophony, only like-minded people who gather in pursuit of experiences beyond the mainstream. The bogus flag has been waved. Will you join the gathering beneath it?

For more information on The Cacophony Society, visit:
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