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New Play Circle

[[excerpted from an email indirectly from Julie Costa-Malcom <>]]

Are you a playwright (or have you ever wanted to try it)? Are you interested in new plays? Do you like hanging out with other theatre people and talking about theatre?

AT RISE: Two graduate student playwrights, going about the business of being graduate students, in their office.

Mike: So...have you spent any more time with the girls at the Triangle Strike*?
Julie: I have been ignoring them for quite a while, actually. I have a really hard time writing when there's no one reading.
Mike: I'm familiar with that.
Julie: I do so much better when I have real people to read things out loud and give me feedback on it.
Mike: I think a lot of us have that experience.
Julie: You know what would be cool? If we could get together like, once a month or something, and not just playwrights, but actors and other clever people. And we could read each other's work and give feedback and ideas and stuff. That would be cool.
Mike: Do you think we're that smart?
Julie: I think we could be. Let's ask people to do it.

(* Obscure reference to a play Julie was working on almost 2 years ago)

So...we'd like to start a "plays in process circle." Playwrights can bring things they're working on, or just come and listen and provide feedback to/take inspiration from the works-in-progress of other
playwrights. Actors can get to test their ranges by playing any number of characters in any number of strange situations. Interested observers can come for the brilliant company. Everyone can eat pasta
and snacks in my living room and try to ignore the regular interruptions of a 4-year-old and a 7-year-old.

Sound like fun?
We think so.

The First Gathering: Sunday Novemeber 13, 5:00 pm, Julie Costa-Malcolm's house in Shadyside.

Please try to let me know via email if you're interested in coming, so I can be sure I have enough food and space. :-) If you're a playwright, it would be cool to know a couple of days ahead of time if you plan to bring something and, if so, how many readers you'll need, so I can recruit extra readers if we're likely to need any.

[[There you have it. Email Julie for more information <>]]
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